The Lavender Collection

Hello, I’m Chef Rachelle and welcome to the new home of The Lavender Collection. The collection was created from a divine witty idea that I didn’t hesitate to move on. It also was curated to share the knowledge that the of use this beautiful herb can be elevated in many of ways and for sure to leave a everlasting and memorable impression on your palate. The freshness and earthly aromatic taste of lavender blended perfectly well with lemon pepper, cajun spices and pink himalayan sea salt can pretty much be added to any dish and I’m estatic for you all to experience it.

Lavender Lemon Pepper

This variety of spices pairs exceptionally well with everything.


Lavender Cajun

Pairs exceptionally well on seafood,chicken, beef, pork, pastas, and vegetables.


Variety Lavender Collection

The variety lavender collection pairs exceptionally well with Everything.


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